• DNA-Seq data analysis (Exome, Whole Genome, Customized Sequencing)
  • Detection of genomics and structural variants
  • Annotation, filtering and association study of variants


  • Reads alignment and expression quantification
  • RNA-Seq data analysis (Differential expression between conditions, temporal series, survival, clustering, co-expression, prediction, markers selection, expression profiles, etc.)

De Novo Sequencing:

  • Genome Assembly
  • Identification and functional annotation of genes
  • Comparative Genomics (Identification of differential genes/clusters/functions, definition of pangenomes, comparison between strains, variants identification, etc.)


  • ChIP-Seq and Methyl-Seq data analysis
  • Identification and study of transcriptional regulation regions
  • Identification and comparison of metilation patterns


  • Expression and DNA microarray data analyses from multiple platforms (Affymetrix, Illumina and Agilent)
  • Expression analyses such as differential expression, temporal series, survival, clustering, co-expresion, prediction, markers selection, and expression profiles, etc.

Protein Panels:

  • Quality control and data normalization
  • Data analysis (Protein quantity differences, correlation with phenotypic variants, etc.)

Functional Analysis of genes/proteins:

  • Functional enrichment analysis of gene/protein lists
  • Inference and study of biological systems

Development of bioinformatics applications:

  • Implementation of data analysis methods and algorithms
  • Development of dynamic Web pages for the diffusion of methods and scientific results

Storage of research data

  • Storage of research data in our servers
  • Design, implementation and administration of databases (e.g. of patients, samples, etc.)


  • Organization and teaching of bioinformatics courses
  • Personal training activities

Our bioinformatics facility is expanding their range of offered services. These services are developed by our participation in research projects. Please, contact with us if you want to suggest us any collaboration.