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University of Salamanca Press publishes a manuscript on the internal functioning of the institution in the eighteenth century

Oct 13 2017 - 8:53pm

‘Internal Dynamics of the University of Salamanca in the Modern Age. Notes of the Secretariat (1762)’ is supported by the Eighth Centenary and the General Secretariat.

The Vice-Chancellor for the Commemoration of the Eighth Centenary of the University of Salamanca, Mariano Esteban, today presented the book “Internal Dynamics of the University of Salamanca in the Modern Age. Notes of the Secretariat (1762) “. The work contributes to the dissemination of USAL’s  heritage, in this case the documentary and bibliographic part, and it fulfills one of the goals of the Eighth Centenary, as highlighted by the Vice-Chancellor, who remarked on  the “excellent” work done by the author from the point of view of editing.

The book, in collaboration with both the Office of Vice-Chancellor for the Commemoration and the General Secretariat and University of Salamanca Press, includes the facsimile reproduction of the AUS or AUSA 2886 manuscript of the Section “Secretariat”, from the Historical Archive of the University of Salamanca, along with the corresponding introductory study, critical edition and transcription by Juan Luis Polo Rodríguez, author of this work that has been received “as a remembrance and recognition to the personnel of administration and services invisible for the student and also for the public”.




More information: Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

News published in the media:



Cattle Workshop on the Castro Enríquez farm

Oct 13 2017 - 8:48pm

The Castro Enriquez farm, pertaining to the Provincial Council of Salamanca, hosted a cattle workshop last September 29. At this workshop, we professionals and agents met to share our knowledge about the world of cattle: Provincial Council, University, IRNASA, ITACyL, FNyH , industries, farmers and local action groups.

On September 29 we held a meeting with all the agents linked to the world of cattle at the Castro Enriquez farm. Not only was it a very interesting meeting because of the subjects discussed, but also because of the atmosphere of trust that was created among everyone there.

Now it is up to the entrepreneurs (farmers and industrialists) to fight day by day to make their company profitable. The rest of the agents involved are starting from a more comfortable situation, but we hope to continue collaborating with you from our field of action. The first challenge we have come up with is to seek funding to address the studies you are demanding; the processes are slow but our intention is to continue improving to contribute to the development of an agro-industrial model that allows wealth creation in a sustainable way.

                                                                                                                                                Fernando Vicente Amores (Prof. of the Faculty of Economics and Business)


The training offer is insufficient to cover the professional demands on the Internet of Things

Oct 13 2017 - 8:42pm

The Cotec Working Group on the Internet of Things (IoT), led by Indra, has carried out an analysis of the training offer in this area and has generated a report that shows a gap between the needs of companies and the supply of educational systems.

The current training offer of the national educational system is insufficient to cover the professional demands in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). This is the main conclusion of the analysis carried out by the Cotec Work Group on IoT, led by Indra, and launched last year with the goal to analyze the need for training and skills for the full use of the Internet of Things.

Today’s report at Cotec on the analysis of educational supply and Spanish business demand in IoT indicates that an exponential growth is expected within the next few years in this area. In 2020, it is anticipated that there will be more than 20 billion connected smart devices with a global economic impact of 2.9 billion euros. In addition, companies consider IoT a key element for the development of the digital transformation and 61% of the respondents in this study understand that companies that delay the integration of IoT will not be competitive.


Download here  the full report

Call for EACB awards for young researchers

Oct 13 2017 - 8:38pm

The new EACB awards (European Association of Cooperative Banks) competition is aimed at young people up to 35 years old. This association is putting out a call for the Young Researchers in Cooperative Banking Award to promote the business model of these organizations. The contest is aimed at young people up to 35 years old (i.e. born in 1982 or later).

Documents should directly relate to cooperative banks. They are interested in papers related to the following topics:

• Innovation, digitization: challenges and opportunities for cooperative banks
• The specific management of cooperative banks and the evolution of their business model
• Cooperative banks: “Creating value for partners”
• Regulatory challenges of cooperative banks
• Cooperative banks and financial stability
• Bank diversity: the role of cooperative banks
• Contribution of cooperative banks to competitiveness in European banking
• Contribution of cooperative banks to the sustainability of society and the environment
• Cooperative banks and social and financial inclusion
• International comparison of cooperative banks
• Are there distinguishing characteristics of cooperative banks?
• Culture in the organizations (cooperatives) that generate value for their stakeholders and if there is a difference with shareholder-oriented banks.

Papers must be written in English and the deadline for submissions is January 31, 2018.

For more information about the award, see this link.

The University of Salamanca and ATENEA research together to develop programs for children and young people with high intellectual capabilities

Oct 11 2017 - 8:58pm

The Vice-Chancellor for Research presented this agreement, by means of which the Observatory of High Intellectual Capabilities is created.

The Vice-Chancellor for Research and Transfer, Juan Manuel Corchado; the president of the Salmantina Association of Support for High Capabilities (ATENEA), Silvia Carlota Calvente; and María Dolores García Román, a specialist in the field of high capabilities, presented at a press conference the collaboration agreement signed for the extra-curricular improvement of children and young people with high intellectual ability.

In particular, the University of Salamanca and the Athena Association are developing an ambitious project that will make the Salamanca Studium a point of reference in the work of detecting, training and raising awareness about the high intellectual capabilities of children and young people.

In this sense, USAL is already working to coordinate research groups that bring together specialists and researchers from the University, associations and external organizations, with the aim to better the detection and implementation of measures that can improve the education of children and young people with high intellectual abilities.


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