In the Services of the University of Salamanca there is an institutional commitment to offer quality in its activities, and in this line, the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer and the Vice-Chancellor for Promotion and Coordination, maintain in the NUCLEUS Research Support Service a Quality Program with scope to all its activities.

Through this Quality Policy, NUCLEUS wants to transmit to all the staff of the Service, the users and other interested parties, the following PRINCIPLES, WHICH WE USE AS GUIDE FOR THE DEPLOYMENT OF THE QUALITY SYSTEM.


The quality system we adopt in Nucleus is based on standards of reference: ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 in laboratories, and ISO 9001 in other type of services.

Under the guidelines of these standards, the working procedures are developed and the provision of records, necessary to demonstrate the quality of the work and compliance with the procedures, is established. In addition, continuous improvement of the system is promoted with appropriate tools such as data analysis, results review, setting targets, or conducting effective audits.

It is the intention of Nucleus to have the corresponding accreditations and certifications in increasing scope, thus achieving the added value of guarantee of compliance with these standards.


The Services must know and guarantee the requirements of its users, in order to ensure that the work done is adequate for its intended purpose. Innovative initiative and technical research in the Services is necessary to promote the generation of knowledge and the transfer of results. It is also necessary to maintain a high degree of collaboration with external companies and to pursue the breadth of internal services.


In the Laboratories, from the direction of NUCLEUS we also take as the axis and motor of the quality policy the great responsibility that we assume in the emission of results.

In each sample the laboratory results compromise a decision, usually with consequences of great importance, not only for the user who demands our services but also for other interested parties in our work.

It is our responsibility to do our work well, and the references that should guide us are the most current standards and guidelines that, by consensus, we develop and accept in the scientific community.

AS A CONCLUSION, throughout the Service quality commits us to guarantee maximum professionalism in the services we provide. This is the only way we can contribute to quality research, as a foundation of teaching and scientific, technical and cultural development of society.

Each party counts and is necessary to achieve these goals. The Management, aware of its importance in this project, works to provide all possible means to facilitate us to continue in this way.

Approval date: JULY 2014



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