The electron microscopy facility provides with the equipment, material and human resources required for the processing, visualization and analysis of biological (animal/plant) and mineral samples at the level of transmission (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The microscopes are also provided with a specialized software that allows the morphological characterization of diverse types of materials, as well as their composition by using coupled spectroscopy technology.

This facility is a dynamic structure that allows the researchers of the University of Salamanca, other universities and public and private companies, the support and access to certain specialized equipment, otherwise necessary for the development of their projects. The nature and main purpose of this service is to offer the proper assessment and scientific/technologic support to those research groups and companies that require the backup of the electron microscopy techniques for the achievement of their projects. Additionally, the personnel managing the microscopy facility, organize and participate in formative courses and specialized seminars for researchers and technicians of the university and professionals interested in the electron microscopy techniques.

The service counts with, or has at its disposal, an extensive collection of instrumental, analytical, measurement and assay instrumentation detailed in the “equipment” section.

In brief, the microscopy facility offers:

  • Personalized advice on the proper techniques and conditions to process samples for TEM and SEM analysis, according to each particular project.
  • Processing of samples for analysis at TEM or SEM level.
  • Visualization, acquisition of micrographs and image analysis of samples at TEM or SEM level, which are later processed and delivered to the researcher.