Herbarium and Plant DNA Biobank


  • Collection, drying, pressing, assembly, labelling and computerization of plant or fungal material.
  • Identification of material (as far as possible depending on the taxonomic complexity of the biological group).
  • Loan and exchange of plant or fungal material (including DNA samples) with research institutions.
  • DNA extraction and quality checking (mainly samples corresponding to wild species).
  • Storage and managing of DNA collections.
  • Genotyping (nuclear or plastid DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, etc.). Together with another Service from our University, "Servicio de Secuenciación de ADN - Nucleus (https://nucleus.usal.es/es/secuenciacion)", we can offer also Next Generation Sequencing services.
  • Processing of external samples.
  • We are opened to collaborate in research or environmental management projects, as well as with companies, qualified professionals and experts. Please feel free to contact us at: SALA-DNA@usal.es