• Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai Spirit Twin 120 kv.

    • CCD Wide angle lateral and  Bottom cameras.
    • LaB6 filament.
    • EDX and STEM microanalysis.
  •  Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss EVO HD 25 (Pulsed Lasers Centre (CLPU) in the Science Park in Villamayor. Access and use by agreement).



Instrumentation for the processing, embedment, sectioning and staining of samples for conventional TEM and SEM.

  • Knife maker Leica EM KMR3
  • Milling system for embedded blocks Leica EM TRIM2
  • Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7
  • Metallizer/Evaporator Quorum Q15RES.
  • Zeiss Axioskop microscope.
  • Nikon Eclipse 90i microscope with accessories for fluorescence microscopy.
  • Critical point dryer Leica EM CPD 030 (White Room in Nanoelectronics, I+D+i Building, access and use by agreement).

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