Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Spectrometer reserve


Guide for the use of Varian NMR Spectrometer in Open Access Mode (spanish)

Varian Mercury 200 MHz is a spectrometer in open access mode. It is reserve for groups of the University of Salamanca after completion of some requirements that are listed in a user guide (Guide for the use of Varian NMR Spectrometer in Open Access Mode).

Spectrometer Reserve



  1. Spectrometer Varian Mercury 200 MHz can be used by groups of the University of Salamanca, after contact with the NMR Laboratory Head.
  2. Booking are done through Please use your email address as login, and password is the same used in the spectrometer login.
  3. Booking of more than 60 min cannot be made (4 blocks of 15 min).
  4. The user is responsible of magnet adjustment with the standard sample provided by the laboratory, a CDCl3sealed tube.
  5. The user is responsable of any problem during his spectrometer time and to contact the head of the laboratory.
  6. User data can be transfer using an ftp program and no back-up copies are mantained in the Service.
  7. Installation of any program is not allowed.
  8. Rates are listed in Section Rates.

For any doubt or problem not listed here contact (Anna M. Litghow Ext 1570).